New multipurpose UAV Sirko 2

This drone is capable of finding an enemy nest at a distance of 65 km and returning back. And within 25 km from the operator, it transmits streaming video.

Main features

Gimbal on the main camera

  • 4K 30FPS
  • Pitch – +/-40°
  • Roll – +/-20°
  • Lens – 8mm

3 flight

  • Auto
  • FBWa
  • FBWb

remote GPS disabling

High-quality course camera

  • Sensor: 1/3 "CMOS
  • Optics: 2.1 mm (FOV 155 °)"

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Watch the video:

Watch the video

Designation of UAV Sirko 2

  • Air reconnaissance and advanced reconnaissance at operational and tactical levels with a radius of 25 km and a total route length of up to 140 km

  • Remote
    fire correction

Main features of UAV Sirko 2

  • Small size

    The wing length is only 90 cm, and at an operating altitude of 200-300 m, Sirko is not visible at all. That is, it is completely invisible to the human eye
  • Low noise

    At an operating altitude of 200-300 meters, the drone cannot be heard at all due to the electric motor
  • Radio immunity

    Sirko is 90% made of polymer radio-transparent materials. Combined with its small size, it is very difficult to be detected by radar
  • Video link for 25 km with an operating altitude of 200-300m

    The drone transmits a streaming analog encoded telemetry signal and an analog encoded signal from the camera to the ground station. Video is transmitted to any device or simultaneously to two devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone).
  • Inertial navigation system

    If the drone was somehow detected and a GPS jammer was used against it - no problem. The UAV is equipped with an inertial navigation system that allows to continue the mission even without using GPS.
  • Convenient packaging

    The complex is carried in special bags-backpacks. This allows to unfold and fold it in a matter of minutes, and the operator can move with his hands free.
  • Remote ground antenna

    The ground antenna can be removed from the operator to a distance of up to 25 meters. This is for the operator's safety. Kits with by radio communication at a distance of up to 100 m are also available on request.
  • Quick on-site repair

    The drone is equipped with everything you need for fast repair. Mechanical damage to the hull can be repaired with polymer glue, which is also included in the package
  • Improved video transmission in the twilight

    Our team has developed special software that, together with the light-sensitive camera, allows you to get a clear image even in the twilight
  • Strong material

    The Sirko UAV is made of durable material. Therefore it is not picky about landing conditions. The middle part of the UAV withstands light and medium impacts.
  • Convenient player with digital zoom

    We have developed our own player that can record videos from UAV on a PC. You can also take pictures from it in one click. And most importantly - digital zoom is up to x6 for both streaming and recording.

Technical features

  • General characteristics
    • Flight time
      110+ min
    • Working height for reconnaissance
      500-800 m
    • Working height for additional reconnaissance
      200-300 m
    • Maximum height
      1000 m
    • Cruise velocity
      21 m/s
    • Dump velocity
      13,5 m/s
    • Maximum velocity
      34 m/s
    • Maximum length of the route
      110-130 km
    • Maximum allowable wind speed at takeoff
      15 m/s
    • The maximum permissible wind speed in flight
      20 m/s (wind gusts up to 25 m/s)
    • Distance from UAV to the antenna station (video link)
      25 km
    • The wireless distance between the antenna and the operator
      100-120 m
    • The possibility of manual stabilized flight control in FBW a/b mode
    • Force GPS off
  • Dimensions
    • Wing span
      0,93 m
    • Takeoff weight
      1,4 kg
    • Materials
      radio-transparent polymers of the EPO type
  • Engine group
    • Engine
    • On-board power supply
      Li-Po battery
    • Battery capacity
      12.6 A/h
    • Propeller
      10х7, pushing
  • Communication
    • Control and telemetry
    • Video link
      Encryption of own development
    • Communication between the antenna and the operator
      - Radio communication at a distance of up to 100 m;
      - Wired connection. The length of the cable is 20 m.
  • Navigation
    • Inertial navigation system
      based on a flight controller with a dual set of sensors, gyroscopes, barometer (static and dynamic pressure), magnetic compass and GNSS system (all satellite systems)
    • Satellite navigation, which can be turned off
    • «Manual control»
      by video link using FBWb flight mode
    • When GNSS is forced off, visual guidance and guidance using GUIDED mode is used
  • Payload
    • Video camera
      Gamble. Digital. Image quality - 4K 30FPS, 2,5к 50FPS
    • Course camera
      Analog. Sensor: 1/3 "CMOS. Optics: 2.1 mm (FOV 155 °)
    • Resolution of the reconnaissance camera
      4K 50/30FPS, 2.5K 4:3 48/30FPS, 2.5K 16:9 50FPS, 1080P 50/30FPS
    • Additional lens
      F6, tilt of the camera forward on a course of 26 degrees
    • «On board» recording
    • Video link
    • Video record
      on a PC using a video player
  • SOFT
    • Mission Builder and Flight Control
      Optimized version of Mission Planner
    • Image improvement software for using in difficult conditions (dusk, fog, etc.)
    • Video player
      of our own development, with digital zoom up to X8
  • Packing
    • Specialized carrying bags for UAVs and ground control station

Where and how to buy UAV Sirko 2

Everything is simple. Place your order on the website, pay, and our manager will contact you shortly and confirm your order. Everything is like in the online store.
Single UAV
Suitable for those who already have components and lack a drone only
Kits for various tasks
Single UAV set
Start kit for small units
Dual UAV set
Optimal kit for most troops
Three UAV set
Reliable reconnaissance set
The kit includes:
  • Bag
  • Spare battery
  • Antenna for telemetry
  • Video communication antenna
  • Repair kit
  • 25-meter cable
  • Two spare propellers
  • Charger
Wireless radio transmitter
We have developed a device that will help you get rid of long wires and quickly deploy the complex. The system consists of a complex that is attached to a ground station and a device that is connected to a PC via a USB port.
Can't find what you need
or are planning a bulk purchase?