About us

From February 24, we started working for our victory. First, we united Lviv and Kharkiv. Humanitarian and military aid was transported from west to east. But later we realized that this wasn't enough and we needed to help our soldiers with technologies. This is how the story of Skyassist began.

Our mission

First, to bring Ukraine's victory in the fight against the goddamn orcs closer.

Second, to make sure that our guys do not die in this war. And what depends directly on us is to do our job innovatively, technologically, and quickly.

Who we are

We united the east and west of Ukraine. From the first days of the war, we collected and redirected humanitarian aid from Lviv to Kharkiv. But already in March, thanks to the great help of the specialists of the Kharkiv Aviation Institute, we started building the Sirko reconnaissance UAV.
  • Ihor Finiak

  • Ihor Krynychko