Technology is the way
to victory

We bring to life the urgent needs of the armed forces from the front lines. And we started with the most effective reconnaissance UAV Sirko

Our developments

Reconnaissance UAV Sirko

Reconnaissance UAV Sirko

This drone will help you find your enemy
even deep behind enemy lines.
  • 130
    single flight distance
  • 200-800
    operating altitude
  • 25
    video link
Multipurpose UAV Sirko 2

Multipurpose UAV Sirko 2

This UAV will pass through all enemy
obstacles and complete the mission.
  • 2
    gimbal and course
  • 110
    time in flight
  • 3
    control modes

Our mission

First, to bring Ukraine's victory in the fight against the goddamn orcs closer.

Second, to make sure that our guys do not die in this war. And what depends directly on us is to do our job innovatively, technologically, and quickly.

Reconnaissance UAV Sirko

It is not a Mavic
  • Mission
    Reconnaissance and supplementary reconnaissance
  • Wingspan
    0,9 m
  • Weight
    1,3 kg
  • Operating altitude
    200-800 m
  • Flight duration
    110+ m
  • Flight distance
    130 km
  • Video connection with the operator
    up to 25 km